The New & Everlasting Covenant.

What Is the New & Everlasting Covenant?

The new and everlasting covenant is the covenant extended to all people everywhere in order to save us. God makes an oath to save us if we will make an oath to do His will in all things, which is most often referred to in the scriptures as “keeping his commandments.” This is how we offer up the sacrifice of a broken heart and contrite spirit.

Offering up a broken heart and contrite spirit is the way to be saved

The only way to be saved is by offering up a broken heart and contrite spirit, and no one else can be saved unless they do that. Since there are multiple levels of being saved, this same covenant applies each time we advance or desire to advance on the spiritual ladder. 


That’s how it always has been and always will be, forever, making it “everlasting” (Moses 6:67-68). It is also Everlasting because that is one of God’s names, and his covenant is an Everlasting one.


The “new” aspect refers to the renewal of the opportunity with the world, as part of a new restoration:

Part of God’s will for everyone is to repent and be baptized by water, then by fire and by the Holy Ghost once we fully demonstrate that we will do his will in all things he commands us. So the new and everlasting covenant is synonymous with the doctrine of Christ, the gospel of Christ, and the plan of salvation (D&C 45:9-10,28; 66:2; 133:57).

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