How Do We Repent?

No description encapsulates the notion of repentance more simply and adequately than “coming unto Christ,” which is synonymous with offering up your broken heart and contrite spirit. To repent is to turn from your own ways and walk in the ways of Christ. This not only includes living his commandments to a better extent as we progress (the commandments you receive by revelation), but in turning to his own words to us and following them more diligently over time. 

The simplest way to do this is to follow a natural order of things:

Spending time vocally crying out to God and begging for his forgiveness, grace, and direction is the most important part of turning your life towards Jesus Christ. Sincere prayer must be an active and continual part of this process, and it will continue with every step along the path that leads to eternal life. We can make no progress towards Jesus without his grace, forgiveness, help, and direction.

On The Path of Ascension?

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