The Second Comforter.

What Is the Second Comforter?

As demonstrated through the symbolism of the temple ceremony, the end-goal for each person in this life is to part the veil and enter God’s presence. 

This is the experience of receiving the Other Comforter or the Second Comforter. It is most often referred to in the scriptures as entering the Lord’s rest or the rest of the Lord.

The experience consists of seeing the Lord Jesus Christ face to face in the fullness of his glory (Moses 1:1-11; D&C 84:23-24).

This experience is the promise of eternal life, or being sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise (D&C 88:3-4). It is also known as having one’s calling and election made sure (2 Peter 1:10). The Second Comforter may be considered the capstone to the gospel of Jesus Christ, or the end goal (2 Ne. 31:20; 2 Ne. 32:6; D&C 14:7). 

However, there are higher degrees of spiritual ascension that follow after it (D&C 76:51-70). 

Joseph Smith said:

“…that when any man obtains this last Comforter he will have the personage of Jesus Christ to attend him or appear unto him from time to time, and even he will manifest the Father unto him, and they will take up their abode with him, and the visions of the heavens will be opened unto him and the Lord will teach him face to face, and he may have a perfect knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of God.”

- Joseph Smith Jr.

Discourse, 27 June, 1839; John 14:12-27

Not all appearances of Christ can be counted as a Second Comforter experience. There are several aspects to the Second Comforter which must be noted:

On The Path of Ascension?

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