Eternal Life.

How Do We Obtain Eternal Life?

Once we receive the promise of eternal life from Jesus Christ himself, we must still continue to follow him and seek his will in all things.

By doing this until the end of our lives, we obtain the hope of receiving the fulfillment of that promise and our gift from God is eternal life in the world to come. That eternal life is defined as receiving the glory of the celestial kingdom, which is receiving an inheritance on this earth with Jesus Christ after the millennium (which is terrestrial glory).

There are no guarantees or shortcuts in the doctrine of Christ, along the path of ascension. Each leg of the journey is contingent upon our faithfulness in following God’s words/commandments.

We must first qualify for the millennium (terrestrial glory), and then we must qualify to remain on this earth after the millennium, which will consist of remaining faithful until the end of the millennium.

Understanding that the 3 degrees of glory are successive, sequential and progressive rather than all-at-once received is important in understanding how the doctrine of Christ works and why we need to strive for the next level of spiritual ascension on the path.

Eternal life is when we are on the path of godhood – when we begin the process of becoming like Jesus Christ is, and our Heavenly Father/Heavenly Mother.

On The Path of Ascension?

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