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Recurring Zoom Events

Our online Zoom events are focused on the Doctrine of Jesus Christ, and how to come unto Him the way He instructs. We also go over prophecies from all the holy Prophets who saw our day; from the Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, Old and New Testaments, and the JST translation. 

Our aim in hosting these Zoom events are to prepare the Lord’s elect in offering up the sacrifice of a broken heart & contrite spirit to the Lord, that they might qualify as the strength of the Lord’s house to receive the Baptism of Fire & Holy Ghost, and be led on and end-time exodus to establish the New Jerusalem led by Joseph Smith, all preparatory to meeting Jesus Christ in His glorious return to the earth.  

Q&A happens after the lesson. Feel free to attend one of our Zoom events below. Our Monday and Tuesday nights are hosted by various Doctrine of Christ community members. You can also sign up so you never miss an event notification.

Monday Online Events

Mondays, 8Pm MST

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Meeting ID: 841 1623 6190

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Tuesday Online Events

Tuesdays, 8PM MST

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Meeting ID: 820 6291 2013

Passcode: 353508

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In-Person Events

Our in-person events (also known as cottage style meetings) are also Doctrine of Christ focused, and are similar to our Zoom events, albeit in-person and you get a little bit more of a personal touch and interaction that you cannot get on a Zoom event. It is also a great opportunity to meet others who are on the path of ascension (i.e. seeking the first and second comforters), and who are working towards offering up their broken heart and contrite spirit to the Lord. 


Questions can be asked during the lesson, and mingling usually happens after the lesson. Thursdays, we usually always meet at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. Sunday times and locations are always TBD (to be determined) and it’s best to subscribe so we can notify you once we have a time and location for Sundays.

Thursday Cottage Meeting

Thursdays, 7PM MST

 Location: TBD - Click Here

Thursday cottage meetings have been temporarily postponed and we will have updates once they start up again.

Sunday Cottage Meeting

Sundays, Always TBD

+  Location: TBD - Click Here

Times and locations are always TBD (to be determined), and we usually know the day of. Subscribe to events if you'd like this specific notification.


Attend Scheduled Showings

Movie Showing Events

From time to time, we will rent out a movie theatre and host a movie event centered around Joseph Smith, what happened during his first ministry, what that means for the restoration and the saints today, and the prophecies of him returning to finish the work of the Lord. Click below to find out when the next movie showing will be released, or sign up and we’ll notify you once a movie showing is scheduled.

who killed Joseph smith movie showing

the return of joseph smith movie showing

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