Enduring to the End.

What Does It Mean to Endure to the End?

To endure to the end literally means to press forward or remain true and faithful until the end of your mortal life (Mosiah 18:9). It is also symbolic of pressing forward until you reach The End, or the Omega, who is Jesus Christ, in this life (see Second Comforter/Entering the Rest of the Lord).

The way an individual must endure to the end is by continually offering up the sacrifice of a broken heart and contrite spirit by seeking, receiving, and acting on revelation (also known as the “words of Christ” or “words of God” or “keep his commandments” or “feasting upon the words of Christ,” etc.), and following it

One must also continue striving to be charitable and evermore Christlike to others and to continually repent of any sins that one may commit. (See Mosiah 4; 3 Nephi 12-14/Matthew 5-7)

On The Path of Ascension?

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