The Parable of
the Redemption of Zion.

What Is the Parable of the Redemption of Zion?

The Parable of the Redemption of Zion in D&C 101:42-63 together with the commentaries in sections 103 and 105 were revelations given by the Lord to show how Zion would fall during Joseph Smith’s first ministry and how it would be redeemed through his second ministry. 

It is the key needed to unlock end-time prophecy. This new understanding reveals the situation we are in today and how we got here.

Through this parable, we learn that Joseph’s mission to restore the gospel and establish Zion was cut short and why:

The Lord would then send Joseph Smith back, a second time, along with a residue of those original servants, to finish the restoration and complete the establishment of Zion, the New Jerusalem, by rescuing the believing of the LDS Gentiles from bondage under the antichrist and lead them on an exodus greater than that of Moses with the children of Israel and restore the lost 10 tribes and the house of Judah.

That awful situation consists of the apostasy of the early saints and the takeover of the church by the Lord’s enemies. This began a dark night of apostasy from which we are now emerging into the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times.

The doctrine of Christ will also become clear to us so we may understand how to come unto Christ and be saved as outlined in the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Bible.

This is the beginning of the marvelous work and a wonder which was on the verge of coming forth but was cut short during Joseph’s lifetime. He has returned for his second ministry as prophesied by Jesus Christ, Isaiah, and many other ancient prophets.

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