What Is

the Doctrine of Christ?

We Awoke to The Doctrine of Christ.

….and realized that Christ’s “plain and precious truths” weren’t being taught in the church like they were taught in the days of the prophet Joseph Smith, leading us to stumble and not seek the promise of Eternal Life that Christ extends to all those who are true and faithful to Him, which promise should be sought for in THIS life.

Our Eyes Became Open to The New Covenant.

We then recognized that the promise to obtain eternal life is by entering into the new and everlasting covenant of offering up the sacrifice of a broken heart and contrite spirit, that by doing this Father might in turn baptize us with fire and the holy ghost (symbolized by the dove), which did NOT happen at eight years old during confirmation; all preparatory to parting the veil, entering into the presence of Jesus Christ, and receiving the promise of eternal life.

The Prophecies Became Clear As Day.

Our minds became clear regarding all the prophecies of all the holy prophets, from Isaiah all the way down to the prophecies given to Joseph Smith in the Doctrine and Covenants, i.e., Joseph would return and once again open the heavens and restore the Doctrine of Christ in its fulness, revealing how to part the veil and enter into the rest of the Lord in this life, and that Joseph would lead an end-time exodus to establish Zion, pre-requisite to helping the  elect meet their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in His glorious return, all prophesied in the Doctrine & Covenants.



On The Path of Ascension?

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